Deep Dives - Waiting Room by Trip Lee

Abram Neumann - Show host

Abram Neumann - Show host

We are starting a new series on KJCD called Deep Dives. Deep Dives is a show hosted by Abram Neumann that looks at great, whole albums. The plan is to listen through the whole album while talking about the stories behind the songs, the musical genius, and the spiritual truths in the album. 

Our first album is Waiting Room by Trip Lee. The title refers to the process of waiting on Jesus to rescue us. Trip Lee brings back the lost art of lament, his raps are a cry our to God for the suffering and pain we experience in this "waiting room." Still the album remains hopeful it ends with "Billion Years" which looks forward to the eternal joy that is waiting for all believers 

Tune in around 9:00 PM on Friday for this week's Deep Dive. It'll be awesome! ~Abram Neumann

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