KJCD Pine Ridge

About KJCD


KJCD's vision is to honor God and encourage his church through authentic worship. 

KJCD is a low power FM station based on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Our freqency is 92.9. Through radio waves we reach Pine Ridge SD, Whiteclay NE, and Wounded Knee SD and if you have a good radio we reach Oglala SD, Chadron NE, and Manderson SD. Through online live streaming we can reach anywhere! 


KJCD is All about Worship, Community Building, and Great Music 



At KJCD we are committed to authentic worship. It is easy for Christian stations to focus on what is catchy or or "safe" so that their playlist becomes watered down and meaningless. We want to make sure that all of our music glorifies God and encourages believers. 



As a station, we want to do what we can to bring the body of Christ together. KJCD is a valuable tool to do this. We are working to provide more news on events in the churches, and to bring testimonies and encouragement from local believers. 


Musical Excellence

KJCD isn't another mainstream christian station where all the songs sound the same. KJCD is radio is authentic worship to new sounds. We want to keep our playlists diverse. The sounds you might hear range from gospel, to light rock, to pop to folk, to R&B, to hip hop to swamp rock. 

Currently KJCD Plays Gospel music in the morning contemporary music during the day and youth oriented radio after 8pm. 

KJCD is on air for you, so we want to hear your suggestions and thoughts on our playlist. If you would like to be a part of the play-listing process, you can become involved by leaving feedback, completing a survey, or by participating in a focus group. 

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