KJCD Pine Ridge

To Honor God and Encourage His Church Through Authentic Worship


Coming soon to Pine Ridge....

KJCD will be a Christian radio station serving Pine Ridge, SD and the surrounding areas including Whiteclay, Sheyenne Creek, Red Cloud School, Calico, and the Southern Parts of Oglala. We will play a wide variety of Christian music from Hillsong Young and Free to Crowder, to Rend Collective, and Some artists you've never heard of before.



KJCD isn't another mainstream christian station where all the songs sound the same. KJCD is all about authentic worship to new sounds. The sounds you might here range from light rock to pop to folk, to R&B, to hip hop to swamp rock. 

KJCD is on air for you, so we want to hear your suggestions and thoughts on our playlist. If you would like to be a part of the play-listing process, you can become involved by leaving feedback, completing a survey, or by participating in a focus group. 

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